If You Aren’t Winning, Here’s Why

By Paul Sundy

Your restaurant has great food? That’s great. It HAS to have great food. That's expected. A commitment to the community is what will set you apart. When you establish your restaurant in your community as a place that celebrates your community, then you win.

If I read one more article about food and service, I'm going to lose my mind. The food has to be good. Food is like breathing. There are tons of restaurants that have tons of great food. That's expected. The most successful restaurants are the ones that really respect the fact that people’s lives happen here inside those restaurants.

We have a franchisee that understood this.  Before they even opened, they put themselves out in the community. They weren't just selling burgers. They were selling the mentality behind the store. They went out and got involved in their chamber. They donated their time. What they found is as they engage more in their community, the community engages more with them. When they really embraced this, they went from one store to three stores in less than 12 months. And their community came out in droves because they knew that this was a restaurant that believed in the community.

When you're consistent with your community and you're consistent with food and service, it turns out your customer will be consistent with you. You can’t have one without the other. You'll be top of mind with them and being consistent in your community is what leads to a consistent customer. When you allow your space to be part of a community that celebrates what's happening in that community, then you win.

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