Why Big Whiskey’s is the best restaurant franchise to own in 2024

Big Whiskey's is touted as the best restaurant franchise to own in 2024 due to its high-quality adaptable menu, lucrative bar sales, and ability to maintain a higher average ticket per visit. Additionally, it offers affordable investment costs, lower prime costs, top-notch technology, comprehensive training, strong supplier partnerships, and a reliable blueprint for site build-outs, making it an attractive option for potential franchise owners seeking profitability.

Restaurant franchises are not all created equal. When you start out with good support, a solid menu, a proven track record, and a brand that excites customers you're set up for success right out of the gate. There are lots of them out there, but here are 10 key reasons why Big Whiskey's is the best restaurant franchise to own in 2024.

  • A high-quality adaptable menu
  • A bar that drives sales
  • A higher average ticket per visit
  • Affordable Investment Cost
  • Lower Prime Cost
  • Best in Class Technology
  • Complete Training
  • Strong Supplier Partnerships
  • A bulletproof blueprint for site build outs

A High-Quality Adaptable Menu

This is our bread and butter, sometimes literally. Our menu doesn't sacrifice quality or portions to meet the bottom line. Instead we've built a system to drive the highest profitability for restaurants while maintaining an EBITDAR that outperforms our competitors. Our cost of goods sold (COGS) may be higher than most of our competitors, but it’s not without good reason. We know that quality products are the key to guests returning time and time again. While our competitors are willing to sacrifice quality, we are not. It's a long term approach that we know pays off.

A Bar That Drives Sales

Big Whiskey’s is known for having the best restaurant bars in the cities we serve. Big Whiskey’s is a game day destination, a happy hour hot spot, a relaxing dinner option, and a laid back spot for brunch. With an extensive bar menu featuring over 100 whiskeys, 20 beers on tap and more than 40 original cocktails, Big Whiskey’s has something to suit every guest.

A higher average ticket per visit

Why does our ticket average easily beat our competitors? Our liquor, beer and wine sales are much higher than our competitors and our strong, well-balanced menu mix is engineered for maximum sales by encouraging guests to order more. Restaurants with the highest ticket averages in 2024 will experience the easiest paths to profit.

Our loyalty program also increases the average ticket by around $10 per visit on average.

Affordable Investment Cost

Your investment works harder for you with Big Whiskey's thanks to our unique kitchen footprint. Our franchisees experience investment costs that are nearly half the cost of the average for restaurants in the same marketing segment. We're also nearly $250 cheaper per square foot, making us one of the most affordable franchises to own in 2024.

Lower Prime Cost

Prime cost is the combined total of labor cost and total cost of goods sold. It serves as a good waypoint on the path to profit for franchise owners across the industry. With real-time labor tracking, we're able to effectively monitor labor costs. This along with other techniques have led to Big Whiskey's franchisees achieving lower-than-industry average prime costs.

Best in Class Technology

We have spent years researching and implementing industry leading restaurant technologies into our operations. You can be assured that our systems will help secure your bottom line, assist you with marketing, and will leave you with little room for error.

Complete Training

Our Director of Franchise Operations will provide continual training, support and guidance both on-site and remotely.With detailed and consistent unit reviews, you can feel confident that your store is operating to its fullest potential and providing your guests a great experience.

Strong Supplier Partnerships

In our fifteen years, we’ve built lock-step relationships with our key providers. You’ll have access to our key suppliers like USFoods and Coca Cola, with excellent negotiated pricing and terms for key products and supplies. What would this mean for you? You buy direct from our suppliers at Big Whiskey’s preferred pricing with no additional mark up.

A Bulletproof Blueprint for Site Build Outs

The Big Whiskey’s blueprint is highly adaptable and allows you to maximize your kitchen and dining spaces. Our franchise team will provide experienced guidance in the selection of your Big Whiskey’s site and we’ll advise you throughout the design and building process, including prototypical architectural plans.

If you're interested in hearing more about becoming an owner of the most profitable franchise to own in 2024, get in touch. We'd love to meet you to start a conversation about how you can become an owner of your very own Big Whiskey's franchise.

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